Clinical Therapy for Addiction

If you suffer from addiction, you do not have control over doing, taking or using something that in some way is harmful to you. You are addicted if you cannot say no to that thing for more than three days or if you need that thing to accomplish ordinary activities.

From habit to addiction

Groups and societies offer activities and substances which may cause addiction such as paid sex or alcohol. Most people can consume alcohol, take drugs, smoke or gamble without having any addiction. However, for others these same habits and substances may turn into dependence. In most cases addiction affects individuals’ and family’s finances, and have a negative influence on health and wellbeing. It generally also causes problems at work, with family and friends.

whale jumping

There is no a single reason why some people can consume alcohol during decades and never become dependent and others become dependent in a couple of months. Some activities may make you feel better, happier, and they are followed by the desire of feeling this as often as possible. With any chemical substance, the more you use them, the more tolerant your body becomes, and larger and frequent amounts are needed to achieve the same effect.


If you are reading these lines you probably decided that is time to stop with your addiction or addictions. Looking for professional help is the best and easier way to go. The best thing to do is to book a session with a therapist as soon as possible.