woman with child on the back in the sunshine

I feel so happy, confident and relieved now

Words can’t express how much Rui’s help has changed my life. I feel so happy, confident and relieved now. I look forward to my future life. In situations where I was the centre of attention or had to perform a public speaking I would be filled with fear and anxiety.

With time I developed agoraphobia, I feared not only public speaking but going out and having to relate with other people was something that created so much fear that I literally was unable to leave home.

I didn’t know what to expect of Rui’s treatment. However, a friend of mine insisted to book an appointment. Rui’s friendly approach made me feel at ease immediately and the explanation how the mind processes information made things easy to understand.

I don’t know how things changed in my mind as it seems that some kind of switch happened within. I no longer feel limited in my life, I want to go out and speak aloud, I am not afraid of making mistakes and I don’t care what people thing if things don’t happens as I wished.

My self-belief is ‘just go for it’, life is short and there is nothing to lose. Everything happened so quickly. I cannot wait to be out of my comfortable zone as I use it to know myself a bit better and learn more. Thank you so much.