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I lost 3 stones!

This is my story and I hope it can help others. During the first 2 weeks of treatment I ate pretty much the same amount of food but I had healthier food and sugar only on Sundays and I had lost 5 lbs (2 kg) at the end of two weeks.

Over three months since the first session, the weight has just been falling off at a rate of 3 lbs per week (around 1,3kg). I usually eat 5 times a day, small portions in a small plate.

I have a normal life and when I go out at friends’ houses I try everything but I only eat small portions. If my friends or a restaurant serves me a big portion I remove part of it before starting to eat. I also taste the dessert but just a single scoop, and I feel so good about that as I have the pleasure of tasting it but I still keep my shape under control.

It became a lifestyle that is easy and effortless. Smaller portions of healthy food with some exceptions when I am with friends or I have something to celebrate as Christmas has become my new life. It is honestly as if this is the way my life should have always been!!