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Very inspiring

Over the years I have been on different diets and also joined a slimming club, all without any success. But one day, I saw an article in a magazine about Hypnosis Weight Loss and suddenly it made sense to me.

Rui is someone with whom everyone can feel extremely comfortable. During hypnosis some memories just popped up in my mind as if I was connected to my inner resources or some kind of door just opened.

It was an amazing feeling and very inspiring which enabled me to discuss a range of topics that led to a significantly improvement in my attitude in life.

His therapy has improved my wellbeing and made me a much secure person in my personal and professional life. His approach and manners comforting style and professional insight were very impressive.

He taught me how to make some exercises at home and I continue to use his techniques in many daily situations with very positive results. I am very grateful for the changes that Rui has made to my life and I would like to thank him for the invaluable treatment provided.