Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychology to overcome Shy Bladder

Paruresis is a condition where the sufferer cannot urinate where there are, or where they think there are, other people who can hear or see them using the toilet.

How it works

Bashful ladder is a social anxiety disorder affects around 4 million men and women in the UK and can impact heavily on their daily lives. Paruresis can start at any age and affects mainly boys or men, although girls and women can also suffer from it.

desperate woman under the rain

The most common manifestation of the condition is men who cannot urinate at a urinal and instead find themselves standing on public toilet as casual observers. Women can also find it difficult to urinate in a cubicle if there are people nearby.

The condition is caused by a neurological shutdown of the sphincter valves that when open allow urine to flow, but it is completely involuntary. As it is an automatic process hypnotherapy is the best therapy you can have as hypnotherapy acts at an unconscious level and your unconscious mind can be reprogramed to release the sphincter valves.