The following are short and long-term programmes tailored to your needs and organised with a progressive plan established with you at the beginning of the treatment for continuous support. Sessions may vary in length and frequency depending on the specific situation and your requirements. Ask the therapist to know more

Boost Confidence

Let go of fears, social discomfort, stop negative thinking and break your unwanted habits.

Improve Motivation

Help your unconscious mind understand that you can achieve whatever you want in your life.

Stress Free

Change your perception of life, gain control and perspective, regardless of what situations may occur.

Manage Anxiety

Change your reaction to the emotional triggers that caused your anxiety and feel more positive and peaceful.

Mindfulness and Hypnosis

Embrace a new balanced lifestyle learning how to use mindfulness at work and in your everyday life.

Manage Weight

Change your relationship with food, feel in control, and ultimately become the size and shape you desire.