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Hypnotherapy and Psychology
Rui de Matos Harley Street
Bespoke Solution Focused Therapy

You are supported with the therapy and at the pace that is more convenient for you.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychology

Maintaining a good mental health is more important than maintaining a good physical health. Wellbeing, motivation, enthusiasm and joy are qualities that really describe us as human and social beings. It is these qualities or lack of them that make us who we are.

There are times in life when we feel sad, depressed or anxious, we suffer from excessive worries, disturbances, fears and phobias. If these moments are temporary there is no need to worry, but if negative feelings last more than 30 days in a row or are preventing us from having the life we would like to have then we have to take action and solve the problem.

When we are free from depression, anxiety, stress, excessive worry, addictions or other psychological problems, we are able to live our lives to the fullest and feel life as something valuable that is worth living.

Just like any physical problem, mental problems are also solved in an easier and faster way with the help of a therapist.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychology together can help you become the person you want to be, get rid of your problems and live the life you have always wanted.

Psychology is a well-established scientific discipline focused on the understanding of behaviours and mental processes. Clinical hypnotherapy uses a more intuitive approach and is a vital part of behavioural medicine.

Hypnosis is a state of highly focused concentration and attention often associated with relaxation. While under deep relaxation (hypnotic trance) you are open to helpful suggestions. This helps eliminate your problems and reach your goals easier and faster.

Harvard, Yale and Stanford have now studies dedicated to hypnosis in a clinical context. Contrary to popular belief, people under hypnosis are in total control and would never do anything they would normally find highly objectionable.

Rui de Matos uses Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychology at his practice in Harley Street. All treatments are bespoke and adapted to your needs.

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Rui de Matos

BSc ( Hons ) Psy, Dip. HE Hyp

Rui de Matos

As a trained and accredited Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Rui de Matos’s holistic therapy helps with a wide range of psychological problems.

His specialisms include disorders and social difficulties such as depression, anxiety, weight loss, lack of confidence and phobia.

He has also widely contributed to enhance sport performance, increase creativity, and improve memory/concentration.

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Bespoke Personalised Treatments

An easy and continuous approach to help you create the life you want


Together we create a package that suits what you want to achieve in your life.


Hypnotherapy, relaxation, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, imagery and visualisation are used within a psychology framework.

Rui de Matos


This practice is bond to the code of conduct of Hypnotherapy and Psychology bodies.


Consultations are adapted to your needs, in person and skype appointments, also evenings and saturdays.

A variety of programmes catered to your needs in London

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Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, aim for a more successful career and better relationships.

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Cope with Anxiety and Stress

Learn how to overcome anxiety disorders and stress in your everyday life with a tailored programme.

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Learn Mindfulness

Calm your mind, find your balance, and learn how to use your inner power wherever you are.

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