Fantastic results!

I have lost about 6 stone (40 kg) in one year after few sessions of hypnotherapy. Now that I have reached my ideal weight I feel happier and far more confident, my body looks amazing!

Fantastic support for my anxiety

I would like to say thank you!!. I have done just three hypnotherapy sessions to become a more positive person and wanted to say that the sessions have really helped me dealing with all the worries. Thank you!

Hypnotherapy was brilliant!

I had traumatic issues and permanent flashes of memory that started to make my life impossible. Hypnosis worked for me. I feel free from my past, I still think about it but as any other memory from my childhood, these memories do not affect my tranquility anymore.

I feel so happy, confident and relieved

I don’t know how things changed in my mind as it seems that some kind of switch happened within. I no longer feel limited in my life, I want to go out and speak aloud, I am not afraid of making mistakes and I don’t care about what people think ...

Chocolate addiction gone!

I was a chocolate addict before starting hypnotherapy and only a few days after my third session I went to the supermarket and for the first time in many years felt completely in control! Thank you so much!!

Very inspiring

Rui is someone with whom everyone can feel extremely comfortable. During hypnosis some memories just popped up in my mind as if I was connected to myself. I feel better and much more confident in myself.

Great therapy for weight loss

Over the years I have been on different diets and also joined a slimming club, all without any success. I had my first session and think I finally fond a program that suits me.

I lost 3 stones!

This went well for me and wanted to share the experience with others. During the first 2 weeks of therapy I had pretty much the same amount of food but healthier and sugar only on Sundays and I lost 5 lbs.