Clinical Therapy for Depression

Depression is very common. It is characterised by feeling lack of interest in doing things previously considered as pleasurable or feeling an intense dissatisfaction and sadness.

Am I depressed?

There are many types of tests to find out if a person is depressed or not. You should not base your diagnosis on a single test, and be aware of changes in mood as the test can be biased by one day of sadness. People tend to be tested when they feel sad or unhappy and so they are likely to score positive, but if the test was taken at a different time the result could have been different.

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If you felt sad, have lost interest in, or stopped doing favourite things for more than 30 consecutive days you should strongly consider the possibility of seeing a therapist.

Depression is complex and there is no straight forward cure for it. The traditional treatment is to prescribe antidepressants, but these have enormous negative consequences and develop dependencies.

Hypnotherapy is a natural way to manage depression, in some cases with total recovery, in others with longlasting management, depending on the type and level of depression.

When do I need help?

  • If you are feeling down, having negative or suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • If you are feeling stuck and hopeless
  • If you have no clear direction
  • If your “sadness” is affecting your life and people around you
  • When you are unable to make life-changing decisions with clarity

Hypnotherapy is considered a great choice for people suffering from depression as it has no side effects and it is faster than other types of therapies. Remember that your commitment and willingness to follow the therapist guidance are the most important for success.

If you are reading these lines you are already looking for a solution. Call me or email to find out how I can help you.