Clinical Therapy for Depression

Depression is a very common illness in which people find very little interest in doing normal things that usually are considered as pleasurable.

Am I depressed?

There are many types of tests to find out if a person is depressed or not. You should not base your diagnostic on a single test as people tend to take this test when they feel sad or unhappy and so they are likely to score positive.

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If the test was taken at a different time the result could have been different. Nowadays people tend to say they are depressed just because they had a difficult day or something did not happen as expected.

However, if you felt sad, have lost interest in, or stopped having pleasure for things that normally give you pleasure for more the 30 consecutive days you should strongly consider the possibility of seeing a therapist.

When do I need help?

  • If you are having suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • If you are feeling permanently stuck and hopeless
  • If you have no clear sense of direction
  • If you see your “sadness” is affecting other people
  • When life-changing decisions must be made with clarity

Depression is a complex disease and no one will give you a straight forward cure. The easy way is to give you antidepressants, but you probably know the negative consequences of that. Hypnotherapy is the best choice you can go for because it has no side effects and is faster than other types of therapies.

Nevertheless, getting rid of depressions is a great achievement and you need to be consistent on it. If you are reading these lines is a sign that you are looking for a solution, call or email to know how Hypnotherapy and Psychology can help you.