Clinical Hypnotherapy for Trading

Under hypnosis there are no interferences, the positive information, self-confidence and discipline are stored directly in your unconscious mind and SUCCESS replaces failure.

You probably already know that the main reason traders lose money while trading is due to uncontrolled emotional trading. This is caused by the suffering experienced after losing money.

Trading Market

According to research from the University College London financial losses are linked to the areas on the brain that are responsible for pain and fear. So avoiding to lose money is as natural as avoiding to feel pain.

At an emotional level the pleasure of gaining is not as strong as the pain of losing. In fact we hate two and half times more losing than we like gaining. A string of losses can easily lead to revenge trading in an effort to relieve emotional hurt and feelings of anxiety caused by losing trades.

Hypnotherapy is an effective therapy to become better at what you do and flourish as a trader.

Why hypnotherapy will work for you

Trading is a very solitary job where it is difficult to succeed. It can jeopardise your private life and even your health. To be on the trading business you must be consistent, self-disciplined, in control of your emotions and even your thoughts.

You are unlikely to succeed if you are still imagining or feeling your last failures or if you sudden change your plan and get out of control.

With Hypnotherapy: Become a better professional

  • You will learn how to deal with fears such as FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • How to stick to your plan
  • Not engage in revenge trading or overtrading
  • Not be upset with every single movement in the market

With Hypnotherapy: Know more about yourself and how to control your reactions

  • Be more confident
  • Accept the ups and downs of trading
  • Manage your anxiety and fear
  • Control your emotions
  • Remove bad experiences or trauma from precious losses

Why Hypnotherapy

  • A stronger mind-set
  • A better professional
  • A higher consistency
  • A better personal life

All the ingredients for gains and
financial abundance in your trading activity.